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An ongoing series of informational entries

Bethany Bowman, RMT

March 15, 2017

Bethany grew up in Kamloops, B.C., and has now happily relocated to Vancouver Island. Bethany's practice is focused on helping you return to pain-free life and optimal well-being. Her go-to technique is Systemic Deep Tissue Therapy® (originated and trademarked by Armand Ayaltin, DNM, RHT, RMT), which addresses the root compensations of musculoskeletal problems, peeling back and releasing layers of micro-traumas. Other techniques she may use include active myofascial release and joint mobilizations. Bethany is an avid kitesurfer, yoga practitioner, and lifelong learner, and can be found hitting the books and chasing the sun, wind and water around the world in her spare time.

Jarris Bowman, RMT

March 15, 2017

Jarris has studied exclusively with Armand Ayaltin, DNM, RHT, RMT, the originator of the Systemic Deep Tissue Therapy®, in order to perfect his practice of this therapy.

Systemic Deep Tissue Therapy® focuses on changing holding patterns in the nervous system that have been learned and stored in the body due to stress, posture and injury. It works within the framework of the body, treating three dimensionally to re-align complex compensations at the root of the dysfunction rather than solely treating the prevailing symptoms. Systemic Deep Tissue Therapy® is an effective system of comprehensive musculo-skeletal-fascial therapy that helps the body to become optimally realigned, restoring muscle and joint tissue function at any stage of pain (acute or chronic). It subtly assists in lifting skeletal pressure off internal organs thus allowing them space to function better and improve overall body health.

Jarris has a strong passion for helping you with your goals and he is confident in his ability to provide an effective treatment plan specifically for you. He prides himself on communication and understanding of your concerns, and is dedicated to creating positive therapeutic relationships with all of his clients.

Systemic Deep Tissue Therapy® is a Registered Trade Mark and intellectual property of Armand Ayaltin DNM, RHT, RMT.

Kristopher Rogerson, RMT

March 15, 2017

Bio coming soon.

Stephanie Arnold, RMT

March 15, 2017

Stephanie brings 25+ years of massage therapy experience to the clinic. Promoting a healthy mind, body

and spirit approach to client care, Stephanie is skilled in uncovering the body’s needs and addressing

them through a variety of learned and practiced techniques. As a result, each patient’s session is unique

to their individual needs.

As a life learner of body systems and a trained yoga teacher, Stephanie draws on disciplines such as

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy, Myofascial Release, Trigger Point Therapy, and Reiki to address long

held patterns. She also is studying 5 Biological Laws of Nature which complements the work of massage


Her extensive experience in soft tissue release and calming the sympathetic nervous system assists

patients on their path to wellness and balance with the ultimate goal of restoration.

Overall, Stephanie believes that the most important thing a therapist can offer, which is beyond any

technique, is a mindful and compassionate presence which can facilitate the innate healing ability within

the recipient.

Colleen Hill, RMT

March 15, 2017

Bio coming soon.