An ongoing series of informational entries

Anna Koblentz, RMT

March 15, 2017

With a focus on total body health, my aim is to detect where the musculoskeletal dysfunctions are located to release impediments and reduce discomfort in your area(s) of concern. Based on your unique health history and presentation, I offer a treatment plan that benefits you by improving movement, circulation, and relaxation, therefore restoring your wellness. My treatments are a custom blend of therapies such as general swedish and ischemic techniques, myofascial releases and joint mobilizations, as well as neuromuscular stimulation and release techniques. I provide treatment to the general public with a special interest in women's health and sports injury rehabilitation. Get in touch with me if you have a question or would like to book an appointment.

Bethany Bowman, RMT

March 15, 2017

Bethany grew up in Kamloops, B.C., and has now happily relocated to Vancouver Island. Bethany's practice is focused on helping you return to pain-free life and optimal well-being. Her go-to technique is Systemic Deep Tissue Therapy® (originated and trademarked by Armand Ayaltin, DNM, RHT, RMT), which addresses the root compensations of musculoskeletal problems, peeling back and releasing layers of micro-traumas. Other techniques she may use include active myofascial release and joint mobilizations. Bethany is an avid kitesurfer, yoga practitioner, and lifelong learner, and can be found hitting the books and chasing the sun, wind and water around the world in her spare time.

Colleen Hill, RMT

March 15, 2017

Bio coming soon.